Thoughtful design is design based on human behavior and interaction.

To me, design is behavior and interaction-based art meant to drive a person to act.

I design things. My background is print, my current focus is user interface and responsive design, my current obsession is industrial/lighting design and my last obsession was fashion, before that, interior design. You know the saying "you can do anything if you put your mind to it"? Well, I believe that to a fault, I believe that I can do anything. There are a few things I do well, and those things are usually design-centered. What I can't do well is cook rice, so I bought a rice cooker. Design is something that is not as subjective as some think, and it isn't wizardry either.

I see my design process as bridging the gap between the products we use, the colors and visuals that create a story (and guide) in our physical space; and the digital mediums we interact with and utilize. My method employs the true responsive, context and user-based design. Design based on human behavior and desire, intuition and ease, creating innovative and thought-provoking user experiences.

To me, design is behavior and interaction-based art meant to drive a person to act. That act could be to purchase coffee, to vote for a particular candidate, or to get to a specific location in a timely manner.

Clouds installation by Jessie Lacey for Empire Chinese Kitchen, Congress Street, Portland Maine. 36'x8'

Clouds installation by Jessie Lacey for Empire Chinese Kitchen, Congress Street, Portland Maine. 36'x8'


My job is to be a user advocate. That’s who I design for.

My job is to be an advocate for the user and my process centers around human behavior. I identify the challenge as well as the goal, and then dive deep into finding the solution. It is imperative that designers keep up with the latest technology, development tools and design approaches because that is what drives and directs human behavior.

Don't worry, my hair isn't really green.

Don't worry, my hair isn't really green.


Web design, responsive web design, branding, logo design, business cards, stationary, posters, postcards, brochures, email template design, print advertising, online advertising design, and projects that fall outside of that scope as well like industrial design, installations and fashion.


I went to University of Maine in Orono for my BA in New Media and a minor in Studio Art.

I worked at Bangor Metro Magazine as Production Artist from 2004-2006 here I honed my Quark and InDesign skills. I lead the production team in the transition from Quark to InDesign and gained an extensive background in print.

I moved to Portland and worked at Maine Home+Design magazine from 2006 to 2010, starting out as Production Manager and being promoted to Art Director soon after. I lead the charge with all layout and design decisions as well as production and printing. worked long, unforgiving hours, sometimes 60+ hours a week on the monthly magazine. Side projects included a yearly guide book, a bold and beautiful new media kit every year and many events' print collateral as well as various advertisements through the years. In 2010 the magazine underwent a major style and branding update, of which I headed up. I designed a new logo and the general look, typography and font choices still in practice today.

At the end of 2010 I accepted a job as Creative Director for Dirigo Design & Development where I continue to work today. When I joined, it was time for a brand overhaul and a new logo was developed as well as business cards and stationary. Recently, I completely redesigned the website with a beautiful fresh, open, simple new look. We developed our own platform called Dirigo Edge and made the site completely responsive and easy to navigate no matter what the device. Dirigo Design & Development is where you will find me. For inquiries, please direct yourself there.

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